May 11th 2015

Public relations companies only exist as long as a client company relies on them. You hire them to enhance your company’s image and build your reputation through editorial coverage as opposed to paid advertising or media. From writing speeches to distributing press releases, copy writing to market research, and crisis control to networking, PR firms can seem to be worth their weight in gold when it comes to the protection of a company image. However, what your PR firm doesn’t want you to know is that you could maintain the same level of public relations and communications in-house. Press Vine Pro offers PR software that will allow you to completely stop outsourcing your company’s communications. Here are the top ten things your PR Company doesn’t want you to know:

Press can be released by an in-house team – PR firms work hard to make you believe that they are indispensable to your company’s communications. Yet, it’s not only possible to handle your company’s public relations in-house, with the help of PR software such as Press Vine Pro, its simple too.

You can research your own reputation – Appoint a staff member or team in-house to research the way your reputation is mentioned. If there is any negativity surrounding the company brand, then that needs to be addressed and remedied first and foremost. This kind of research can be done internally, without outsourcing to better keep your finger on the pulse of your reputation.

It’s possible to push your own brand name – Before you sink a large portion of your PR budget into a firm that will set up expensive events and strategies, consider using an in-house PR team as well as our communications software to start pushing the brand’s name and building a personal relationship with your customers.

Social media is easy to maintain – In-house PR solutions are ideal for social media. The team is much closer to the company and its goals than an outside firm can be. You can create a close connection between your company and your clients or customers without a middleman.

Blogging is simple and effective – A blog can be maintained even more effectively by an in-house team that a large PR firm because of the internal team being more involved with the day to day operations of the company. It’s a great way to explain your company vision to potential clients while building a reputation.

There are crisis PR templates available – PR firms will make you believe that when it comes to crisis PR situations that they are absolutely essential. This is not true. With our software, an in house PR team can manage this easily with available templates.

Personalized attention to your PR is key – The most essential aspect of public relations is the personal touch and attention to detail. An in-house PR team is devoted solely to your company’s communications and not themselves as an independent PR firm.

PR is not the be-all, end all of profit flow – What’s more important to the success of a business and the generation of profits is a consistent expansion of general public relations than expensive PR firms that spend your PR budget too early.

The best PR is the most subtle – Bombastic and pushy communication from a large PR firm can come across to consumers as phony advertising. In-house public relation teams will be able to better assess the most ideal form of communication with the public because they are closer to the source.

Good PR is not as expensive as a firm will lead you to believe – Fancy PR firms come with fancy price tags. Instead of paying inflated fees, switch to an in-house team with communications software to allow your budget to stretch even further.