May 12th 2015

What is In-house marketing?

Marketing for a company is meant to generate interest in their product or service. Teams of marketers will create ads that get potential customers interested and inspired to eventually buy. In-house marketing departments consist of a team of marketing experts that work solely for one particular company. They focus only on marketing projects that directly affect the company and its various departments. Their goal is develop beneficial marketing strategies that promote a brand to increase customer recognition and in turn, boost company profits.

The draw to having an in-house marketing team is obvious. A business has a team of staff to devote all of their time to the company’s interests. By working in-house, typically the coordination between departments is easier and more streamlined. The team is also much more likely to fully understand the goals and ideals of the company that an outsourced team of marketers. Many companies, especially if they lean towards social media marketing rather than print ads, prefer to keep their business in-house.

Common reasons in-house marketing teams fail

In-house marketing teams work for a company so they can be much more secure in their goal to benefit the company rather than themselves. Unfortunately there are a few ways that this type of marketing team can fail a company. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is hiring a team that is inexperienced and not as talented as some of their more expensive competitors. A great team can work together creatively to evolve within the company and consistently keep up with marketing trends. A poorly staffed team will have the opposite effect and fail. Take the time to appoint an experienced staffer to recruit the best candidates.

Another downside of in-house teams is the tendency to lose touch with the audience. By dealing in company business exclusively, it’s difficult to connect with potential customers on a realistic or emotional level. This is because they don’t have as much outside contact to see strategies from a different perspective.

Ways to improve in-house marketing

When building an in-house marketing team, it’s essential to hire both experienced and exuberant staff members. It’s best to assign the marketing director job to someone who is highly talented in the field. They must also be able to handle and coordinate shaping the company image. Consider the size of your business, very large and very small business benefit from in-house marketing. For small businesses, hiring in-house teams in much more budget friendly. Larger companies most likely have established a reputation and can offer higher salaries to hire talented marketing executives.

To organize the best in-house marketing team, companies should foster the communication between departments to increase the flow of ideas and build interpersonal relationships. Allow the team to have easy access to company higher-ups in order to enhance the marketers’ ability to create the ideal company image. Define each staff member a role in the marketing strategy. This will keep the entire process moving smoother and be more time-efficient. A company should be aware of each staff member’s specializations and strengths so that the best person is assigned to each job.

A passionate team working in an environment conducive to creativity is ideal. It’s important to find a way to harness that passion and direct it towards increasing the companies appeal and connection with their marketing audience. Find ways to keep your marketing team close to real life customers in order to stay in-touch and not become biased.