Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we hear a lot of and you'll find the answers below. But if you have others, please don't hesitate to contact us — we're here to help.

I already have a newsroom why would I want to use Pressvine?

Pressvine's newsroom is a professional news hub that contains all your news articles, media library and useful contacts. Pressvine is the only app on the market developed by a publisher. Unlike your own website you will never need to update your Pressvine software. Our team are constantly evolving the platform so that it remains compatible with new browsers as they are launched and new technology.

So if suddenly there is a new twitter on the market or as web browser update Pressvine is working behind the scenes to always give you access to these tools within your newsroom.

The Pressvine newsroom also helps to seperate out the PR element to your organisation, which gives the PR department an element of automony and control whilst the organisation that have an effective way of monitoring activity and sharing knowledge.

By focussing on this element we not only do a better job and give you a highly polished piece of PRtech we are also helping you future proof your communications technology investment.

If I already have a list of media contacts do I still need Pressvine?

Simple answer is yes. Our media database is a fantastic resource but the main benefit of Pressvine is the productivity and control it puts into your communications team.

By signing up to Pressvine you will be able to have control of your newsroom and integrate the most time consuming activities into more digestible actions, saving you time and money.

What makes you different to other PR apps on the market place?

Pressvine is the only PR application that was developed by a publisher. This unique understanding of what journalists want and more importantly trends that affect the future of publishing is unique.

By simplifying the technology of the communications team we can shorten the on-boarding process when you take on new staff, save you time on activities and give you more headspace to do what you are best at, creating great content for your newspage.

Let us be your digital partner and we'll help you be an even greater communicator.

Simple, Fast and efficent PR for everyone.

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